Dinner Table Talk

by pankyponk

This afternoon was a normal Sunday afternoon, hosting a barbeque for a few family members, nothing too huge. We’re all casually sitting at the dinner table, cutting into our steaks, until I hear someone mention the nature vs. nurture debate. As usual, to make myself look smarter than I really am, start rambling on about the Jim twins case study. My father’s cousin picks up on the topic and we burn through that for a little while, until we change the topic to the tragic case of the mixed gender young boy (or girl, depends what time you were referencing him at), Brenda, and Dr. Money. I continue to sound smarter than I really am, as I, yet again, ramble the off facts I have remembered about that particular case study. This went on until the subject changed, yet again, to something I had learned in psychology – Harry Harlow and his monkeys. Just my luck the table had picked conversations about the three topics I had vaguely remembered, so, thankyou psychology for making me look like I know what I’m talking about.